Musings at the start of the New Year - 2014

Have you noticed –

For the past decade we've been talking about electronic health records (EHR), personal health records (PHR), health information exchange (HIE), mobile health (mHealth), preventive health, genomics, robots, telemedicine, open source, open access, open data, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. All of our efforts have been focused on developing, implementing, and using these technologies and solutions.

Today we're talking about wearable systems, predictive medicine, precision medicine, regenerative medicine, human augmentation, exoskeletons, implantable systems, drones, MOOCs, open science, open government, Singularity, the Internet of Everything (IoE), and Health@Anywhere.

Notice the difference? We've made a lot of progress and have moved on to actively discuss, design, develop, pilot test and begin implementing the next generation of health technologies and solutions.

Think about it!

What are you currently focused on? What should you be focused on?