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Cognitive Medical Systems launches Socratic Grid open source initiative; joins Open Health Tools (OHT)

Press Release | Cognitive Medical Systems, Open Health Tools | October 23, 2012

Cognitive Medical Systems, a specialist in standards-based clinical decision support software solutions for healthcare, today announced the launch of its Socratic Grid open source initiative. The company also joined the Open Health Tools consortium to demonstrate its deep commitment to this strategy.

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Discussion Flows At YourTurn Sessions

Mike Miliard | Healthcare IT News | February 25, 2014

New this year at the 2014 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition, YourTurn has a democratic spirit. It's a collaborative series of free-flowing 45-minute forums where hosts and attendees are on equal footing: How the conversation unspools is left entirely to how the audience directs it. Read More »

Former head of ONC continues to push forward with Open Health Tools

Bernie Monegain | Healthcare IT News | August 3, 2012

Robert Kolodner, MD, admits to keeping a low profile following his stint as interim National Coordinator for Health IT...Low profile notwithstanding, Kolodner has been anything but idle. It's just that he prefers "to do and then talk," he says. A new collaboration between Georgia Tech and the VA on health IT innovation has Kolodner talking. The forging of partnerships like this one, which Kolodner was instrumental in achieving, is the focus of this "recovering fed's" new work in health IT. Read More »

Health Care of the Future: Georgia Tech and Veterans Health Administration Collaborate to Accelerate Health IT Innovation

Press Release | Georgia Institute of Technology | June 25, 2012

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) Innovation Sandbox Cloud and the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Interoperability and Integration Innovation Lab will collaborate to address interoperability issues, accelerate the development of integrated health IT solutions, provide an unbiased environment for testing new products and help train the IT workforce needed to move the industry forward. Georgia Tech is believed to be the first academic organization to connect directly to VHA’s system.

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How Can Open Source Projects Support Themselves in Health Care?

High prices and poor usability hasn't driven the health care industry away from megalithic, proprietary applications. What may win the industry over to open source (in addition to the hope of fixing those two problems) is its promises of easy customization, infinite flexibility, extensibility, and seamless data exchange. As we will see, open platforms also permit organizations to collaborate on shared goals, which appeals to many participants. But if open source projects can't charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for installation as their commercial competitors do, how will they pay their developers and hold together as projects? This article compares three major organizations in the open source health care space: the tranSMART Foundation, Open Health Tools (OHT), and Open mHealth. Each has taken a different path to the universal goal of stability.

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Open Health Tools (OHT) Building for the Future

At the Open Health Tools (OHT) board meeting held this week in Baltimore, the OHT executive management team laid out the next steps to be taken as they work with the growing number of member organizations to transition into the next phase of their strategic plan. The board meeting was presided over by Dr. Robert Kolodner, the acting Chief Executive Officer of OHT.

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Open Health Tools (OHT): Latest News & Activities

Open Health Tools (OHT) just released the minutes of their latest Board Meeting from March 8, 2013, held in New Orleans, Louisianna. OHT is dedicated to improving the health of people through the transformation of health information technologies (HIT). The following is a brief summary of the meeting. Read More »

Open Health Tools Takes on Governance and Code Management of CONNECT

Press Release | CONNECT, Federal Health Architecture (FHA), Open Health Tools (OHT) | April 2, 2014

The CONNECT Team and the Federal Health Architecture (FHA) are proud to say that we have reached a critical milestone in the CONNECT program. As part of the program’s development, CONNECT is no longer a federated program. Open Health Tools (OHT), a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization that governs open source communities and provides a framework for individuals, vendors, and government to collaborate on health IT projects, has taken on the responsibility of governance and code management of CONNECT. Read More »

Open Health Tools Unites Aurion and FHA CONNECT

Press Release | Open Health Tools | April 2, 2014

Open Health Tools (OHT), an organization that provides leadership for open-source communities in the health IT space, announced today that governance of the CONNECT project is migrating to become an OHT Project with active involvement of both the Aurion and Federal Health Architecture (FHA) CONNECT teams. These teams are merging their respective source codes to form a unified platform. Read More »

Open Source Ideals at HIMSS12

Lori Mehen | | February 27, 2012

But in this age of healthcare reform, and with the passage of the HITECH Act, a new dialog about meaningful data sharing has dominated. In accordance, HIMSS had a number of collaborative platforms on the agenda. Topics this year focused heavily on interoperability, standards, and collaboration. 

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Pronoia Health And, Inc. Launch Open Library Of Health Information Exchange (OLHIE)

Press Release | Pronoia Health,, Inc. | February 5, 2014

Pronoia Health and are proud to announce the recent launch of the Open Library of Health Information Exchange (OLHIE). OLHIE is an online ecosystem designed to accelerate connections to Health Information Exchanges (HIE) by facilitating the reuse of interfaces and other assets, particularly those developed with federal or state funding. [...] Read More »

Report From HIMSS12: Wrap-Up of the Largest Health IT Conference

Andy Oram | O'Reilly Radar | February 29, 2012

This is a time of great promise in health care, yet an oppressive atmosphere hung over much of HIMSS. All the speakers--not least the government representatives who announced rules for the adoption of electronic health records--stressed commendable practices such as data exchange, providing the patient with information, and engaging with the patient. Read More »

Report From HIMSS: Health Care Tries to Leap the Chasm From the Average to the Superb

Andy Oram | O'Reilly Radar | February 21, 2012

I couldn't attend the session today on StealthVest--and small surprise. Who wouldn't want to come see an Arduino-based garment that can hold numerous health-monitoring devices in a way that is supposed to feel like a completely normal piece of clothing? Read More »

OHT Webinar and Project Discussion - OpenCDS

March 5, 2012 - 10:00am - 11:00am

Open Health Tools will be holding a Webinar and Project Discussion on Monday, March 5, 10:00am EST – 11:00am EST on the OpenCDS project. The OpenCDS Project is a multi-institutional effort to collaboratively develop standards-based, open-source clinical decision support (CDS) tools and resources that can be widely adopted to enable CDS at scale.

Dr. Kensaku Kawamoto from the Department of Biomedical Informatics at University of Utah will be providing a deep dive into the OpenCDS Project. 

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