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Physicians’ Growing Use Of The Internet: Where Trust And Value Drive Information Search

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn | Health Populi | December 20, 2012

This is the fifth and final post of my thinking about physicians seeking health information in the context of current health care dynamics and prospects for health reform on behalf of Elsevier and their launch of the ClinicalKey Experience tour.

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Report: Grim Future For U.S. Docs; Outlook Brighter In California

George Lauer | California Healthline | July 23, 2012

A national report released last week paints a grim picture of the future of practicing medicine in the U.S., but the sentiment is not universally echoed in California. Read More »

SAGE's Open Access Medicine And Engineering Journals: Now Open For Submissions

Press Release | EurekAlert! | October 24, 2012

SAGE today announced that all three of their latest open access journals are now open for submissions – SAGE Open Medicine, SAGE Open Medical Case Reports and SAGE Open Engineering. Read More »

SCU Invites The Public To Experience The Proven Benefits Of Acupuncture And Oriental Medicine With Complimentary Treatments On World AOM Day

Press Release | The Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCUHS) | October 22, 2013

Southern California University Of Health Sciences Celebrates World AOM Day On October 24th With Free On-Campus Treatments For Stress Relief, Insomnia, Pain Relief, Smoking Cessation And More Read More »

Shastri Purushotma

Shastri Purushotma is the Chief Content Officer at Bitscopic, a pioneering company in applying Artificial Intelligence to Medicine, as well as Chief Content Officer at B2B Buyer Insights, a research firm that is currently interviewing leaders in Finance on the Future of the Digital Economy. Read More »

Stanford Online Course On Statistics And Medicine Teaches Students Worldwide How To Interpret Data

Lia Steakley | Stanford Medicine | July 23, 2013

This summer, nearly 16,000 students are learning how to interpret data and analyze provocative medical questions through Stanford’s free online course “Statistics in Medicine.” Read More »

Take Two 'Medtech' Apps & Call Me In The Morning

Adrian Bridgwater | Open Source Insider | January 7, 2015

Your technology term of the day is "medtech".  Obviously not too hard to work out, medtech (possibly sometimes 'meditech' or 'medetech') is the slightly less than fluid portmanteau of 'medicine' and 'technology' coming together...

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The Future Of Health Care Access

John A. MacDonald, Anita M. McGahan, and Will Mitchell | Stanford Social Innovation Review | October 18, 2013

Traditional health care is a hands-on, brick-and-mortar affair. But across the developing world, a wave of technology-driven innovation signals the emergence of a compelling new model. Read More »

The Open Access Week Community To Hit Its Stride At This Year's Event

Luis Ibáñez | | October 21, 2013

A celebration of the open access movement, Open Access week hosts events that are aimed at highlighting how open access has transformed the landscape of society due to increased access to scientific research. Read More »

Thousands Of Years Of Visual Culture Made Free Through Wellcome Images

Press Release | Wellcome Trust | January 21, 2014

Over 100 000 images, including manuscripts, paintings, etchings, early photography and advertisements, are being made freely available through Wellcome Images. Drawn from the historical holdings of the world-renowned Wellcome Library, the images are being released under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence. Read More »

Trial Designed With Crowd Input Gets FDA Signoff

Marc Iskowitz | MM&M | December 28, 2012

What's been called the first clinical study protocol developed using crowdsourcing methods received the FDA's imprimatur earlier this month. The agency approved Transparency Life Sciences' IND for a clinical trial designed to test a generic blood-pressure medication, ACE inhibitor lisinopril, in patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis. Read More »

U.S. Consumers Pay More For Drugs

David Sell | | April 10, 2013

U.S. consumers and taxpayers usually pay more - often much more - than people in other developed nations for brand-name drugs, according to a series of papers published Monday in the journal  Health Affairs. Read More »

Viratech Corp. Publishes e-Book On Open Source Biotech Research

Press Release | Viratech Corporation | February 27, 2013

[Viratech Corp.] announced today that it has published its e-Book on open source biotech research. The book [...] describes how the first open source biotech research social network platform works to make it possible for individuals or smaller companies to compete with larger companies in the race to patent new medicines or technology. Read More »

Wellcome Trust Supports Open Access Award Programme

Press Release | Accelerating Science Award Program (ASAP) | May 2, 2013

The Wellcome Trust has joined with the Public Library of Science and Google to launch the Accelerating Science Award Program (ASAP) to recognise the use of scientific research, published through open access, that has led to innovations in any field that benefit society. Read More »

Wellcome Trust Walks The Walk On Open Access With Images Release

Paul St. John Mackintosh | TeleRead | January 23, 2014

Already a poster child for open access in the UK scientific and medical communities, the Wellcome Trust has made another public commitment to free access to information with its announcement that: “Over 100 000 images, including manuscripts, paintings, etchings, early photography and advertisements, are being made freely available through Wellcome Images.” Read More »