STEMI: DIY open access spider robot that teaches kids 3D modeling, robotics and code

Kira | | October 26, 2015

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, shortened to STEM, is becoming increasingly important to the survival of humanity, as many of our social, economic, health and ecologic problems require innovative, technology-based solutions that can be put into practice and really work. Our future, and the future of our children, therefore relies on proper STEM education, starting as early as possible. Yet it’s one thing to try and make the world a better place, and another to do it in a fun and completely accessible manner, open to even the most inexperienced or disadvantaged learners. An ambitious team of scientists, engineers, and students in Croatia has launched an Indiegogo campaign today that they hope will do just that.

STEMI is a hexapod robot that is controlled with a smartphone app and moves quite like a spider. More than just a robot, however, STEMI is intended to be a learning experience, teaching users aged 13 and up the basics of 3D modeling, electronics, Arduino programming and mobile app programming—the kinds of skills they’ll require to shape our future. In the future, 3D printable custom covers will also be made available for those wanting to learn 3D printing technology. Though it is primarily intended for children, there’s no reason adult tinkerers can’t learn a little something, or just have fun with it, too.