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Africa's apps: farming to gaming

Toby Shapshak | The Guardian | October 30, 2012

Digital enterprise on the continent has sparked a range of user-friendly programs, from chat forums, photo-sharing, mobile health, crisis management apps, and the first mobile 'cow calendar'. Read More »

Grant Awarded To iCow

Matt O'Reilly | Indigo Trust | September 4, 2012

Before I started working here, I never thought I’d be quite so clued up about the gestation cycle of a cow. Thanks to iCow – Kenya’s innovative SMS platform for all things bovine – the Indigo team have become well acquainted with the highs and lows of cow pregnancy. Read More »

iCow Launch With Safaricom

Matt O'Reilly | Indigo Trust | June 27, 2013

As readers of our blog will know, we have been supporting Kenyan agricultural start-up, iCow, for a while. Yesterday, they announced the details of their partnership with leading mobile operator Safaricom. Here is our take on iCow’s journey to date [...]. Read More »

Indigo Grantees In The UK’s Observer Newspaper

Matt O'Reilly | Indigo Trust | August 28, 2012

It was great to read this weekend’s Observer newspaper’s special section on the new Africa. It was an attempt to shift coverage of Africa from war, famine and dictators to the innovation and good news stories that abound on the continent. Read More »