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Bio-IT World Announces the Winners of Its Tenth Annual Best Practices Awards

Press Release | Bio-IT World, Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) | April 30, 2014

Bio-IT World announced the winners of its tenth annual Best Practices Awards competition this morning in a plenary session at the 2014 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston. Grand prize winners were named in five life sciences categories highlighting best practices in clinical trial IT, research infrastructure, bioinformatics, cloud computing and data management from AstraZeneca and Tessella, U-BIOPRED, the Pistoia Alliance, Baylor College of Medicine, and Genentech. Read More »

Out With the Old...Wait, Not in Health Care

The last company still manufacturing VCRs announced it has ceased their production. VCRs had a good run, most households had one, but their time has passed.  Meanwhile, the stethoscope is celebrating its 200th birthday, and is still virtually the universal symbol for health care professionals. There has got to be a moral in there somewhere. VCRs revolutionized our TV viewing experience. We could record television shows to not only watch programs at our own convenience, but we could also fast forward through commercials! We could watch the movies we wanted, when we wanted to, in the comfort of our own homes. Video rental outlets popped up everywhere, from boutique neighborhood stores to wildly successful chains like Blockbuster...