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Inner-Sourcing: Adopting Open Source Development Processes In Corporate IT

Tim Yeaton | OpenSourceDelivers | August 29, 2012

Today, we are hearing from customers more and more frequently that they want to gain the benefits of open source community-style collaborative development inside their corporate development organizations – what Tim O’Reilly has called “inner-sourcing.” Read More »

To Be Permissive Or Not To Be Permissive, That Is The Question For Open Source Licensors

Phil Johnson | IT World | September 3, 2014

A new study of open source project growth suggests that choosing a permissive license can help your community to grow faster...

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Why You Should Fork Your Next Open-Source Project

Matt Asay | TechRepublic | September 16, 2014

Code forks, rarely used, turn out to be remarkably effective at driving innovation, so why don't we use them more? Matt Asay explains...

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