Pertexa chooses Open Source PTZOptics cameras for their robotic telemedicine assistant deployment in California Hostpital

Press Release | PTZOptics | October 15, 2015

Ridgecrest, California - Pertexa Healthcare Technologies, California-based telehealth company announces they have selected PTZOptics robotic PTZ cameras for their flagship product RITA (Remote Intelligent TeleHealth Assistant). These telemedicine robots will be deployed with the a number of the latest, state-of-the-art technologies and allow doctors full PTZ camera control remotely from anywhere in the world. The specialties will include dermatology, cardiology, pain management, OB/GYN, orthopedic and primary care.

PTZOptics USB camera line supports absolute UVC control allowing Pertexa to control the robotic PTZ functions through a simple USB connection to RITA. This allows doctors working remotely to intertact in real time with patients while also zooming into particular areas of interest during a telemedicine consult.

RITA allows doctors to remotely evaluate the severity of an illness or injury and determine the best course of action through compatible medical devices and video consultation. Physicians control the camera to examine patients remotely and have immediate access to electronic health records, EKG results, blood pressure and oxygen readings, and any other equipment utilized to medically diagnose an injury or illness.

Pertexa, Inc. is a next-generation medical technology company headquartered in Ridgecrest, California that creates and distributes advanced technology including R.I.T.A. (Robotic Intelligent Telemedicine Assistant) and Radekal, the nation’s leading Physician’s Productivity Tool. Pertexa has been recognized as one of the most innovative medical technology companies in America and works with leading medical facilities in California to improve and advance rural healthcare.

PTZOptics encourages third parties like Petexa to integrate camera controls into their software by providing open source controls, SDK’s and various standard protocols. Companies such as NewTek, RocoSoft and Zoom Video Communications have already integrated similar projects for native camera control in their video communication programs. Pertexa is the first telemedicine focused software to integrate secure camera controls with PTZOptics.

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