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How A City Is Slashing Gun Crime With A Paid Fellowship For Would-Be Shooters

Ben Schiller | Co.Exist | March 1, 2016

A few years ago, the city of Richmond, California, embarked on a radical new approach to gun violence. Instead of simply arresting, prosecuting, and jailing its shooters, it started helping them. It formed a fellowship program, introduced intensive mentoring, and asked these "high-risk individuals" to agree to wide-ranging life-goals.
The strategy appears to be working. Since 2007—the year it launched its Office of Neighborhood Safety (ONS)—there's been a 76% reduction in firearm-related homicides and a 66% reduction in firearm-related assaults. Helping young men break a cycle of hopelessness and nihilism gets results, officials say...

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Region Not Ready For Health Reform In 2014

Kathy Robertson | Sacramento Business Journal | September 28, 2012

About 227,500 Sacramento area residents will be eligible for health coverage in 2014, but an already strained regional safety net is not prepared to care for them, a new market analysis of the region concludes. Read More »