Australian Research Council (ARC)

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Busting The Top Five Myths About Open Access Publishing

Danny Kingsley | The Conversation | July 11, 2013

Rather than lock up knowledge in costly journals, increasingly universities and governments are recognising that publicly funded research should be open to all. Read More »

Scientific Data Should Be Shared: An Open Letter To The ARC

Alex O. Holcombe and Matthew Todd | The Conversation | September 26, 2012

Science (real science, not the summaries in popular books and the media) is needlessly closed to the outside world. Worse, it is closed within itself, with every lab its own silo, and little sharing of data or materials. Read More »

What Is Open Access And Why Should We Care?

Danny Kingsley | The Conversation | January 15, 2013

The issue of open access to research findings has been in the media for a number of reasons lately, some positive – the release of the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) open access policy – and some tragic – the recent death of open internet advocate Aaron Swartz. Read More »