Detailed published reports on open source, 'open' health IT solutions, or the health industry.

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Redesigning Health in Europe for 2020

The European Union (EU) eHealth Task Force just released a report entitled "Redesigning Health in Europe for 2020".  You can download a copy at from portal at - Read More »

Report on "Smarter Computing for Smarter Healthcare"

Staff Writer | | August 2, 2012

The healthcare industry is shifting toward a performance-driven, outcomes-based model. Organizations face growing expectations for value and accountability and the rise of healthcare consumerism. They are pursuing collaborative approaches and increasing focus on patient centricity, wellness and prevention. Read More »

Secrets of HIE Success Revealed

The National eHealth Collaborative (NeHC) released the Secrets of HIE Success Revealed: Lessons from the Leaders in August 2011.  The report was commissioned by NeHC in order to provide an in-depth analysis of successful and mature health information exchange (HIE) systems in diverse geographies and ma Read More »

The GovLab Index - 2014

GovLab has just released “The GovLab Index: The Networked Public — January 2014”. The GovLab Index provides a concise highlight of global trends in internet use, social media, and mobile networking.  It presents some interesting findings and might be of interest to many working in the healthcare industry. Read More »

The TIGER Initiative Summary Report

The Summary Report of the TIGER Initiave is entitled "Collaborating to Increase Evidence and Informatics Into Nursing Practice & Education". TIGER is an acronym for Technology
Informatics Guiding Education Reform. Read More »

Trends in eHealth Report

The Everest Group Outsourcing Center and Wipro conducted a survey in 2010 that examined current trends and approaches to eHealth initiatives of organizations worldwide. Survey respondents were from five continents and various regions, with the highest percentage of participants from the U.S. (35.6%), Asia (30%), and Europe (17.6%). Read More »

U.K. Department of Health: eHealth Information Strategy - 2012

The focus of the U.K. Department of Health's Information Strategy is on: Read More »

U.K. Government: Open Standards & Open Opportunities

The United Kingdom (U.K.) has published a series of documents supporting its policy of improving the transparency and accountability of government and its services.

Overview Read More »

U.N. Report: mHealth for Development

In 2009, the U.N. Foundation released a report entitled, "mHealth for Development: The Opportunity of Mobile Technology for Healthcare in the Developing World." This report examines issues at the heart of the rapidly evolving intersection of mobile phones and healthcare. It helps the reader to understand mHealth’s scope and implementation across developing regions, the health needs to which mHealth can be applied, and the mHealth applications that promise the greatest impact on heath care initiatives. Read More »

UK Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards: Achieving an Integrated Digital Care Record

"Safer Hospitals, Safer Wards: Achieving an Integrated Digital Care Record" lays out the vision and guidance for the UK National Health Service (NHS) and its committment to Transparency`– the safe sharing of data and information between clinicians and with patients – and Participation –  supporting patients and the public to take more control of their health and care. Read More »

VistA Ecosystem: Current Status and Future Directions

In October 2010, the Institute for Software Research at Carnegie Mellon University released a report entitled "The VistA Ecosystem: Current Status and Future Directions".  They concluded that if done correctly, the VistA software could form the basis of a thriving ecosystem that would drive down cost and unleash innovation in healthcare. Read More »

WHO mHealth Report - 2011

The World Health Organization (WHO) published a report in 2011 entitled "mHealth: New Horizons for Health Through Mobile Technologies." The reports was based the findings of the second global  survey on eHealth. To see the full report, go to the WHO web site.

World Bank Report on Open Source Software: Prespectives for Development

The World Bank issued a report in 2004 on Open Source Software: Perspectives for Development. The report addressed questions such as – What opportunities, and challenges, are posed for developing countries by the dramatic growth of open source software? Read More »