New Trends and Troubles for AI in Medicine

Nelson Williams | Silicon Angle | March 11, 2017

Medicine is a complex field. So complex that any given person can’t know more than a fraction of what’s going on. Keeping up with the latest discoveries is impossible. Machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence offer a new way of looking at medicine and a great power to automate medical tasks.

At the South by Southwest conference event in Austin, TX, a panel of experts came together to discuss the state of medical AI and how machine learning can benefit both patients and doctors. The discussion was moderated by Kay Eron, general manager of health and life sciences at Intel.

The conversation opened with a look at how the panelists found themselves in the machine learning field. Naveen Rao, Ph.D., vice president and general manager of artificial intelligence solutions at Intel, answered that his interest came from a realization that machines weren’t all that different from biological beings. He was also concerned with how skills were so individual...