5 Best Open Source Web Browser Security Apps

Carla Schroder | SmallBusinessComputing.com | November 17, 2014

The Web browser acts as the gateway for myriad online services these days. Computer security problems are far from solved, and technology advances provide new ways for malware to infect our devices and enter our business networks. For example, smartphones and tablets offer fresh new fields for malware—and its malicious cousin, "malvertising"—to exploit.

Malvertising, or malicious advertising, injects malware into legitimate ads and ad networks. Granted, you could argue that there's a thin line between "legitimate" ads and ad networks and not-legitimate ads and ad networks. But don’t get distracted. Privacy and security are inextricably linked, and protecting your privacy is part of protecting your security.

Firefox, Chrome, and Opera are the best Web browsers; they offer the best performance, the most compatibility, and the best security. These five open source security apps install in your Web browser, and they protect you from a variety of threats...