‘Good Public Health System - Solution For Ebola Containment’

Staff Writer | RT News | October 15, 2014

It is extremely important to take preventive measures, ensure good hygiene is in place, and undertake important steps towards changing behavior, Sheldon Yett, UNICEF representative in Liberia, told RT.

RT: Why is Ebola getting this level of concern when other infections like pneumonia or flu are claiming far more lives? Is the situation really so serious?

Sheldon Yett: Absolutely, the situation remains very serious on the ground here. People continue to die every day and this is something that must be stopped. The outbreak continues to spread. So yes, it is serious. Of course the impact of the disease goes far beyond the number of people who are directly contracting the disease, but of course has a tremendous impact on the economy, has impact on communities. It has impact on the ability of people to find food, to sell food. It has an impact on the ability of kids to go to school. So the impact of this disease is huge, massive, and continuous...