Why Data Breach Readiness Isn't Getting Much Better

Erin McCann | Government Health IT | October 1, 2014

Think you can avoid a health data breach the lazy way, without putting in the requisite work?  Then think again. This year, in fact, healthcare organizations have reported more data breaches than the year prior, seeing on average a 10 percent jump in breach frequency.

So what are they doing to improve these numbers? A new study says: not enough. That's according to a Ponemon Institute report, which examined organizations' breach readiness across 14 different sectors. The lion's share of groups have seen more than one big breach this year – a staggering 60 percent. That's up from 52 percent last year. (In healthcare, all told, nearly 39 million individuals have had their protected health information compromised in privacy and security breaches since 2009.)...