Mozilla Lights Up Preorders For Firefox OS-Driven Flame

Seth Rosenblatt | CNET | May 27, 2014

Firefox OS fans across the globe can now preorder Flame, the Web-based mobile operating system's first official reference phone.

When you're building a mobile operating system, it can be helpful to have some signposts along the way for developers to follow. Google's got its Nexus line for just that purpose, and Mozilla's Firefox OS takes a step closer to putting a reference device into developers' hands on Tuesday with preorders for the Firefox OS Flame.

Originally announced earlier this year at Mobile World Congress, the Flame is the first globally-available reference device for the mobile operating system. For $170, you can now preorder Flame at e-commerce site from today until June 10, except in Japan. The phones are expected to ship before June 30, and take around four weeks to arrive after ordered.

The Flame "was designed for our developer and contributor community, so we worked with the manufacturer, T2Mobile to keep the price as low as possible," Mozilla Chief Technology Officer Asa Dotzler wrote in a blog post announcing the preorders...