Say No To Bureaucrats And Yes To Direct Care

John Umbehr | | May 17, 2014

Yes, it really is time to revoke the health care mandates issued by bureaucrats who are not in the profession of actual healing. Daniel F. Craviotto Jr. writes in the Wall Street Journal, “In my 23 years as a practicing physician, I’ve learned that the only thing that matters is the doctor-patient relationship.”

Craviotto, Jr. is a doctor who embodies the fight of direct care. How we interact and treat our patients truly is the practice of medicine. There’s a problem with the rising cost of health care. (For starters, Oregon spent over $1,000 per subscriber on just a website to sign up for coverage that might not even provide a doctor.) 

And there’s a larger problem when the individual physician in the trenches doesn’t have a voice in the debate. Bureaucrats are telling doctors what they can and can’t do. And that needs to stop...