EC Calls For Use Of ICT Standards To Battle IT Vendor-Lock

Gijs Hillenius | European Commission | June 25, 2013

All of Europe's public administrations should use ICT standards "to help alleviate the lock-in of their ICT systems, encourage competition and underpin the development of the European digital single market", the European Commission said today. The EC today publishes its 'Guide for the procurement of standards-based ICT', a practical tool to help procurers, IT managers, strategists and architects decide which standards are relevant and useful.

The Commission expects that ICT systems based on standards boost interoperability, innovation, competition, while lowering costs. Such ICT solutions will also improve interaction with citizens, the EC writes. "Making better use of standards allowing competitors to provide alternative solutions will diminish lock-in and increase competition". This levels the playing field and will reduce prices and increase quality, the Commission expects.