Why iOS vs. Android No Longer Matters

Luke Westaway | CNET | May 7, 2014

It's supposed to be the greatest rivalry in modern technology, but when I switched from Apple to Android, I noticed a distinct lack of drama.

I know my way around the iPhone as well as I know my own living room. In fact, I know it a little better than my living room, since for the last few years whenever I've been in my living room I've usually been gawping at an iPhone, ignoring everything around me.

While my job has required me to maintain a deep understanding of Android -- and I've toyed with pretty much every Android gadget under the sun -- the phone in my pocket since the days of the 3GS has always been an iPhone. That is, until my iPhone was stolen. At which point I decided it was probably time to spend a little more time with Google's green robot.

The prospect was a daunting one. For years now, the battle between iOS and Android has come to define the smartphone war. Just the other month, my esteemed colleagues Rick Broida and Brian Bennett penned two excellent, passionately worded articles explaining why they were going back to iPhone and sticking with Android, respectively...