The Health Benefits Of Wearable Technology

Lloyd Price | LinkedIn | May 2, 2014

What do we think of when we hear the words ‘wearable technology’? Google Glass and fitness trackers such as Nike+ Fuelband will probably spring to mind. But as this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas revealed, a diverse and dizzying array of wearable devices that record and monitor every aspect of our health (and our dogs) are now on offer.

Will wearable tech be relegated to the domain of gadget enthusiasts or could these budding fashion statements soon become part of our day-to-day lives?

Predictions from analysts suggest that this year 1.5 million pieces of wearable tech will be sold around the world. The two prime pieces of body real estate soon to be adorned with all manner of health tracking functions are the head and wrist. CES has even dedicated an entire exhibit called ‘WristRevolution’ to the various offerings from Qualcomm, Sony, Pebble and a host of smaller companies looking for a stake in the smart watch market. A fair amount of wearable technology to be exhibited at CES has also been designed for other parts of the body too, such as the legs, arms and lower back. Some of us may even start wearing several pieces of technology simultaneously, each providing a unique insight into our health...