Measuring EHR pain points: High Cost, Poor Functionality Outweigh Benefits, Ease Of Access

Michael McBride | Medical Economics | February 10, 2014

Medical Economics collected hundreds of comments from physicians about electronic health record (EHR) systems. While respondents noted the benefits EHRs provide in functions such as e-prescribing and mobile applications, they say cumbersome systems have drained cash from their practices, and worsened patient care because of inefficiencies. 

Our physician respondents filed numerous opinions about how EHRs have changed the practice of medicine, in some cases for the worse.

They say the fundamental premise of the Meaningful Use (MU) program is flawed because, like any technology, the best way to push implementation is to create a user-friendly product that helps speed efficiency.

Generally, EHRs take physician attention away from  patients, thereby reducing productivity. The systems cost too much, and they can’t talk to each other. The lack of interoperability is a major roadblock to progress, some say.