The rise And Rise Of JavaScript

Rohan Pearce | TechWorld | January 29, 2014

JavaScript as a platform becoming more popular, says ThoughtWorks

There is no end in sight to the rise of JavaScript according to the latest edition of ThoughtWorks’ Technology Radar. The January 2014 edition notes that “the ecosystem around JavaScript as a serious application platform continues to evolve”.

“I think JavaScript has been seen as a serious language for the last two or three years; I think now increasingly we’re seeing JavaScript as a platform,” said Sam Newman, ThoughtWorks’ Global Innovation Lead.

ThoughtWorks’ Technology Advisory Board moved Node.js from ‘trial’ to ‘adopt’ on the radar. “I think part of Node.js' success has been that the number of people that I've worked with that traditionally saw themselves as client-side developers and found the world of server-side computing available to them,” Newman said.