New Biotech Site Sparks Hope For Cancer Treatments

Staff Writer | The Regional News | October 23, 2013

The latest victory in the Myriad Genetics case in Australia, allowing Myriad Genetics to patent isolated DNA, has sparked new debate over the development of new drugs to treat cancer. At the forefront of a grass roots movement in this debate is Viratech Corp. (OTC: VIRA), which claims to have the first open source biotech research and development platform, designed to bring open source development to the biotech industry -- something that the software industry has enjoyed and which many attribute to the current IT explosion. Popular products such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Android and the Apache Open Office Suite, were all developed with open source. The premise of Viratech's patent-pending method of open source research and development of biotech inventions is simply to use the social networking phenomena of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and apply it to the biotech world, where many new treatments and diagnostics are either gobbled up by Big Pharma and never developed, or never developed for lack of IP protection and financing. Viratech's platform of promoting biotech development is not completely open source, however. [...]