Open Prosthetics Founder: Challenges Ahead For Open Source Medical Devices

Libby Clark | | August 6, 2014

Before he lost his arm serving as a Marine in Iraq in 2005, Jonathan Kuniholm was pursuing a PhD in biomedical engineering. Now as a founder and president of the Open Prosthetics Project Kuniholm is working to make advanced, inexpensive prosthetics available to amputees around the globe through the creation and sharing of open source hardware designs.

In a keynote talk at LinuxCon and CloudOpen North America this month in Chicago, Kuniholm will discuss how the health care industry and the Linux and open source communities can work together to improve medical devices that are otherwise too specialized or expensive to develop. Here he discusses the current state of his initiative, the role of collaborative development in innovation, and how the Linux community can contribute to the Open Prosthetics Project...