How To Connect Community Radio Stations In Indonesia

Trevor Knoblich and Harry Surjadi | | October 8, 2013

Worldwide, media outlets are increasingly mastering two-way communications channels. Radio and television stations are equipped to receive text messages, phone calls, and social media inputs. Staff can then decide to respond over broadcast, or back through the incoming channel. Yet these communications are often restricted to a single node — one community radio station, or a single television outlet, connecting to its own audience. There are often gaps in transmitting that information to other outlets that might also find that information relevant.

To take a specific example, there are thousands of community radio stations in Indonesia. While many are able to communicate in two-way channels with their audience, there is no standard service to share breaking news and other important information with other nearby stations. There is, in essence, a knowledge transfer gap between each singular node.

We propose that this problem can be addressed, and that Indonesia holds a particularly interesting possibility, because a structure exists that could relay information between relevant stations. [...]