Keeping A Remote Sales Network In The Loop

Vivien Ayun | FrontlineCloud | January 21, 2014

From the outside, Ibu Sinta’s warung in the city of Denpasar looks like any other small, family-run grocery shop so commonly found throughout Indonesia. But take a closer look and you will see several unusual products, including solar lamps, fuel-efficient cook stoves and water filters.

Here’s the twist: Ibu Sinta’s warung is actually a Tech Kiosk. These are small shops that sell simple, life-changing technologies alongside a variety of everyday goods.

Kopernik, a Bali-based nonprofit organization, launched its Tech Kiosk initiative in 2012. In just one year, its network has grown to include 41 Tech Kiosks across five Indonesian provinces.

Each shop is a focal point for making simple technology available to its community. They expand access to products that save people time and money, improve health and safety, and ease pressure on the environment.