European Nanotechnology Project Compiled Open-Access Nanotoxicology Database

Staff Writer | Nanowerk News | October 7, 2013

(Nanowerk News) Nanotechnology has led to advances in many diverse areas, including medicine and health care, information technology (IT), energy, household and consumer products. An EU-funded project has set up a web-based information system to provide information on impact of nanoparticles on health, safety and the environment.

Nanoparticles are minute particles in sizes a millionth of a millimetre. They behave differently to their bulk counterparts. Due to their tiny size, they can enter and damage lungs and also travel to other organs such as the heart or the brain.

The rise of potential health hazards has given rise to a new discipline — nanotoxicity — the study of toxicity as a result of nanomaterials. Work undertaken by the project 'Nano health-environment commented database' (NHECD) has culminated in a completely open-access database that incorporates a mechanism for updating the knowledge repository.