Open Source OpenStack Cloud Platform Turns 3

Sean Michael Kerner | Datamation | July 19, 2013

Leaders of OpenStack didn't expect the success they currently enjoy.

On July 19th, 2010, the CTO of NASA joined with Rackspace to announce a new effort, known as OpenStack.

Three years later, OpenStack is much more than just Rackspace and NASA. Today OpenStack is supported by 231 member companies, including some of the biggest names in technology with HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco, Intel, AT&T and Comcast.

The OpenStack project started out with just two core pieces, the Nova compute project from NASA with 9,000 lines of code and the Swift object storage platform, which had 20,000 lines of code. Over the last three years, the project has added new projects, including the Horizon dashboard, the Glance image storage service, the Keystone identity service and the Quantum networking service, among others. In total, the project has well over 600,000 lines of code today.