OpenStack As Sangria And Without NASA

Penny Jones | DataCenterDynamics | December 5, 2012

Co-founder documents the events that could have had a serious effect on the success of the OpenStack open source cloud project

A mere six weeks difference could have drastically altered the OpenStack project as we know it today.  It could have even be known as another name – Sangria, after the Spanish drink was a lead contender, Top Commander one of the more embarrassing options.

If Rackspace Hosting had decided to delay its launch of the open source software project for building the cloud, NASA – one of the biggest names associated with the project – may never have become involved. Rackspace general manager and OpenStack Co-founder Jim curry, speaking at today’s EMEA OpenStack event in London, said timing for OpenStack has become one of the key elements of the project’s success – OpenStack now has more than 6,000 lines of open source code available.