Mozilla Release New Video Detailing New Firefox OS Mobile App Distribution

Julian Horsey | Geeky Gadgets | July 19, 2013

Mozilla has released a new video for Firefox OS developers detailing the way that the new Firefox OS will use search to allow users to find Firefox OS applications and redirect them to your website, rather than use the traditional app store approach.

The new system opens up a number of security issues that would need to be addresses to keep both applications and users of Firefox OS safe from malicious attack. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Firefox OS project and see it in action.

“The video, entitled “Firefox OS for developers — the platform HTML5 deserves”, features Desigan Chinniah from Firefox OS Business Development and Mozilla’s Principal Developer Evangelist, Christian Heilmann, as they discuss how App Discovery on Firefox OS offers developers new opportunities to get their existing web apps discovered and how it’s different to any other smartphone platform.”