App Discovery – Firefox OS For Developers: The Platform HTML5 Deserves

Chris Heilmann | Mozilla Hacks | July 18, 2013

In the previous edition of this video series we introduced FirefoxOS and what it means for the open web and HTML5. We explained that apps for FirefoxOS are HTML5 apps, and could be as simple as a mobile-optimised web site with a manifest file.

Now we’re back explaining how Firefox OS is different from other platforms when it comes to app discovery. Here are Mozilla’s principal developer evangelist Chris Heilmann @codepo8 and Desigan Chinniah @cyberdees of the Firefox OS business development team showcasing how easy it is to get your app found on Firefox OS. You can watch the video on YouTube.

The main difference of app discovery in Firefox OS is that you are not limited to a listing in a closed app store. [...]