Welcome Xen As A Linux Foundation Collaborative Project

Jim Zemlin | The Linux Foundation | April 14, 2013

Today we’d like to welcome Xen as the newest Linux Foundation Collaborative Project.

The Xen Project is 10 years-old this week, and its contributors have doubled in the last few years. Xen usage continues to grow and today the project is being deployed in public IaaS environments by some of the world's largest companies. 

Additionally, the Xen Project has adopted mainline kernel development practices and is progressing ever closer to the mainline kernel community. As of Linux kernel version 3.0, Linux can run unmodified as a Xen host or guest

Also about a year ago, the Xen Project’s former host, Citrix, started focusing on formalizing Xen's governance practices and simultaneously looking for a vendor-neutral home where it could continue to flourish. The Linux Foundation is happy to provide that home.