AT4 Wireless Becomes Continua Health Alliance Development Partner

Press Release | AT4 wireless, Continua Health Alliance | September 27, 2012

AT4 wireless has been selected by Continua Health Alliance to further develop and maintain the Continua Certification Programme Official Test Tool, which aims to establish a system of interoperable personal telehealth solutions  and provide a high level of assurance that a device displaying the Continua Certified logo has met Continua’s interoperability requirements

Malaga, Spain – 27th September 2012  –AT4 wireless will develop during the following three years, new enhancements of the official Continua Certification Test Tool, which will be released along with new versions of Continua Design Guidelines, as the result of a Frame Agreement signed by both entities.

Continua's new Test Tool v3.0 will add a new NFC transport, additional device specializations selected by Continua such as Body Composition Analyzer and Basic Electrocardiograph, as well as a new version of Glucose Meter Device Specialization. The Continua Test Tool will also support the Blood Pressure Monitor and Heart Rate Bluetooth Low Energy Profiles recently adopted by Bluetooth SIG and selected by Continua. Finally, to complete the Continua Ecosystem, the Test Tool will also include the Consent Enforcement support for HRN Interface.

This new version will allow device manufacturers to assess their conformance to the Continua Design Guidelines, reducing development efforts and device’s time to market.

This agreement is the result of an international tender process, following ongoing and successful cooperation between Continua and AT4 wireless, as well as AT4 wireless’ success in the development of Certification Test Tools for mobile and wireless technologies.

“AT4 wireless is proud of announcing Continua’s confidence in AT4 wireless work and experience and of collaborating in such a challenging mission. We believe that Continua‘s contribution will have a positive and direct impact in people’s wellness and health”, said Francisco J. Nuñez, Engineering & Solutions Director at AT4 wireless.

"As an extension of our existing relationship, Continua is pleased to work with AT4 wireless to develop and maintain our Test Tool for personal connected health devices and systems," added Chuck Parker, Executive Director, Continua Health Alliance. "Our testing and Continua Certification program is essential to supporting the connected health ecosystem, saving developers valuable time and money, while enabling ease-of-use for consumers and clinicians."

Continua Health Alliance, an open industry organization of more than 220 leading healthcare and technology companies, is dedicated to establishing a system of interoperable personal health solutions to empower information-driven health self-management and facilitate the incorporation of health and wellness into the day-to-day lives of consumers.

AT4 wireless offers global support to the health care industry, since in 2008 was selected as the first to provide official Continua certification testing services. Furthermore, two staff members of AT4 wireless, Elisabeth Ruíz and Raúl González have been also recognized as Continua Certified Experts, CCE.

CCEs are daily involved in supporting Continua’s Test and Certification program, ensuring the quality of Continua Certified products. CCEs are specifically recognized as experts in the Continua Design Guidelines, relevant supporting technologies, certification process and policies. CCEs are proficient in the Continua Certification Process, Continua Design Guidelines, have experience using the Continua Enabling Software Library (CESL) and Continua Certification Test Tools, and are recognized to be experts in a subset of Continua transport technologies and interface.AT4 wireless’ CCE are two of the five Continua Certified Experts in the world.