Health Care Survey Shows 17 Percent Of Doctors Want To Switch EHR Apps

Brian T. Horowitz | eWeek | February 20, 2013

Black Book Rankings' study of the health care industry shows that many physicians are unhappy with the EHR applications with which they work. Up to 17 percent of health care professionals are looking to change their electronic health record platforms, according to the latest survey by Black Book Rankings, a marketing research firm.

The company suggests that 2013 will be "the year of the great EHR vendor switch." One in six medical practices may move to a different platform by the end of 2013, according to the survey released Feb. 18. Health care professionals say their EHR applications aren't meeting their needs as far as system features, implementations, deliverables and client support, Black Book reported.

The firm polled nearly 17,000 active EHR users for the survey. Participants included physicians, clinicians and health care professionals at hospitals, clinics and in-patient surgery centers. EHR software companies may be neglecting development issues as they focus on sales and backlogged implementations, Black Book reported...