Bizarre 'Attribution' Troll Bullies Twitter Users Into Compliance With Baseless Legal Threats

Tim Cushing | Techdirt | February 14, 2013

from the tongue-not-made-of-glass dept

My apologies ahead of time for the length of this piece, but anything shorter wouldn't do the subject justice. I will, however, provide plenty of pictures and blockquotes. This post deals with a strange copyright troll, which bullies people into properly attributing a quoted poem. The troll runs across multiple social media platforms but does a bulk of its "work" at Twitter, where it can receive instantaneous feedback. Along the way, we'll deal with the poet himself, a company called On Press Inc. and some other connections which seem to indicate the poet himself is behind the trolling, along with a threatened lawsuit against me for copyright infringement, defamation and false claims.

It starts out simply enough. As a contributor to this site, I was doing the sort of thing we do in our downtime -- running a Twitter search for the term "infringement." The search results were dominated by tweets from an account that looked exactly like this one.

Only it wasn't this one. The account I saw had this name: @xsaonpress. 

Open Health News' Take: 

This whole "copyright infringement" world is just getting nuttier by the day. This is a good example.