What's New in Facebook Open Source

Christine Abernathy | Facebook Open Source | July 15, 2016

With more than 1.65 billion people on Facebook and more coming online every day, our engineers are hard at work making sure that our services work smoothly for everyone. Part of this work involves streamlining our processes so we can keep moving fast as we continue to scale: We build tools that enable engineers to work more easily across platforms, automate testing to catch problems sooner, and help improve the overall performance of our products.

Many of these tools are built with the intention to open source them. We know from experience that collaborating with the open source community surfaces new ideas and solutions to the challenges that we face. To this end, we are continuing to build communities around the projects we open source to ensure that they continue to grow and thrive.

One of the ways we're committed to doing this is by providing better resources for introducing our projects to new adopters. During F8 earlier this year, we open-sourced the F8 app and a series of tutorials that showed engineers step-by-step how the app was built using React Native, and how more complex features, such as integrating data and testing within the app, were incorporated using related open source tools...