Open-Source Solves Big-Data Problems: Talking To 'Mr. Hadoop,' Doug Cutting

Cesar Orosco | Forbes | January 16, 2013

As big data continues to push and stretch the limits of conventional technologies, Hadoop emerges as an innovative, transformative, cost-effective solution. Hadoop is an open-source software framework for data-intensive distributed applications; it was created by Doug Cutting in 2006. In these highlights from my interview with Doug, he shares his insights about Hadoop’s growing popularity and its value for tomorrow’s business.

What would you like to share with executives about Hadoop’s future? Why should our readers be investing in Hadoop now?

Businesses should be investing in Hadoop because it can help them solve the problems that they have today. In the long term, I think all the trends point to Hadoop becoming a mainstay of enterprise data computing, if not the mainstay. It’s a general-purpose platform that will be able to handle most of the workloads that businesses are now doing with other systems, as well as new kinds of workloads that weren’t possible before...