Facebook, Intel, And AMD Bring More Resources To Open Compute Project

Rachel King | ZDNet | January 16, 2013

Facebook, Intel, and AMD are just a few of the Silicon Valley heavyweights bringing more to the open hardware table for the Open Compute Project.

The push for open hardware is getting stronger as the Open Compute Project has signed on a number of new commitments and projects from some of Silicon Valley's biggest companies.

Announced amid the first day of the fourth Open Compute Summit in Santa Clara, Calif. on Wednesday, the motivation behind these initiatives is to promote open hardware (specifically data centers and servers) in the same way that open software is promoted.

As big data continues to be a hot topic that doesn't stop growing and still can't be entirely defined, the need for new and fresh hardware designs is imperative. Here are a few examples of what has already been revealed in less than 90 minutes this morning...