Astronaut VistA Training Site Operational

Ignacio Valdes, MD | Press Release | November 28, 2012

Astronaut, LLC is proud to release its Astronaut VistA Training website and Astronaut VistA cloud. The Astronaut VistA Training site offers 24/7 clinician training and basic administrator training with certification while the Astronaut VistA cloud offers supported, no installation or on-site server necessary VistA service. Astronaut VistA Training is an entirely web-based learning platform for training and review by clinicians and basic system administrators. It includes video training and quiz-based certification. Astronaut VistA cloud provides a convenient, monthly subscription-based cloud-based VistA.

Astronaut VistA contains numerous private-sector enhancements to the robust VA VistA such as Add patient through the Windows graphic user interface tmg-CPRS, Windows VistA-Config which is a point-click configuration tool, as well as an iPad, iPhone interface iCPRS by Blenderhouse.

Astronaut VistA is an advanced, modular, standard layout VistA based on the robust Veterans Affairs VistA software as well as the Meaningful Use Certified WorldVista(tm) distribution. "This release fulfills our public promises and commitment to our customers."  Astronaut, LLC's Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS