Can Public And Private HIEs Get Along?

Diana Manos | Government Health IT | November 16, 2012

Public health information exchanges (HIEs) have expressed concerns about compatibility and sustainability as the number of private HIEs continues to rise, according to eHealth Initiative's 12th Annual HIE Survey.

The survey of 161 HIEs nationwide indicates that if public and private HIEs are operating on different systems within a state or region, it will become increasingly difficult to exchange and leverage useful data to improve the quality and coordination of care in the United States, researchers said.

According to eHealth Initiative (eHI), there should be a level playing field between public and private HIEs. "If these exchanges are not able to effectively operate in conjunction with one another, we may be heading to a point where we can no longer share data," eHI researchers said. "As a result, the intention of HIEs will be defeated."...