How The Campaigns Cast A Shadow On HIX, Medicaid — And Why They're Now Poised For Forefront

Tom Sullivan | Government Health IT | November 14, 2012

Amid all of the politicking by both President Barack Obama and former GOP contender Mitt Romney around healthcare during the campaign season and general election, two of the more divisive pieces of the Affordable Care Act – Medicaid expansion and health insurance exchanges – were inhibited as many Governors waited to learn the election’s outcome.

And while both face staunch resistance today, at least some experts believe that Medicaid expansion and HIXs are now on the verge of blossoming into focus among U.S. states.

Reason being: The ACA is here to stay and states face a simple, and similar, choice on both issues of either accepting federal funding and being expected to use it accordingly, or not and missing out on the money. What’s more, there have been silent rifts between conservative politicians essentially toeing the ACA repeal party line and public health officials that are slowly and cautiously moving forward with HIX and Medicaid, to the extent that they can under such political leadership.