Crowdtilt Launches Free, Open Source Crowdfunding Solution — And It Supports Bitcoin

Eric Blattberg | VentureBeat | February 20, 2014

If you want your crowdfunding campaign to accept Bitcoin, Crowdtilt has you covered.

The crowdfunding company today launched CrowdtiltOpen, an open source crowdfunding solution that enables anyone to crowdfund anything on their own sites. It’s the polished version of Crowdhoster, which the Y Combinator startup unveiled and beta tested last year.

The CrowdtiltOpen feature list is huge: It supports Bitcoin payments, recurring billing, analytics integration, and all sorts of customization options. Registered non-profits can use it to produce tax-deductible receipts for crowdfunded donations. Entrepreneurs can easily turn a campaign that’s hit its funding target into an e-commerce landing page, like the Beep campaign, which reached its goal after an hour or two.

If there’s a feature you want that isn’t available, you can always build it, because CrowdtiltOpen is open source. There’s room for premium services, too: BackerKit, for example, is building a customer relationship management system on top of CrowdtiltOpen. That’ll cost a bit extra, but Beshara promises the core version of CrowdtiltOpen will always be free.