Webinos provides open-source platform for gadget interconnectivity

Andrew Grush | Android Authority | August 15, 2012
More than 5,000 developers have already downloaded Webinos, a brand new open source operating system designed to allow various electronic devices to connect and talk to each other. While Apple, Google and Microsoft all have similar products already, this is a great open-source alternative and is a collaborative development from more than thirty different organizations, including the EU. Big corporations like Sony, BMW and Samsung are getting behind the new technology, as well, contributing an investment totaling about $14 million.

Webinos supposedly makes it easy to customize the OS to suit your own companies or device’s needs, which is probably a large part of the appeal. Webinos can run both on a PC and Android-operated handsets, and developers have already begun the process of finding its way into embedded systems of  BMW vehicles. While BMW hasn’t officially announced any cars that use the technology, they are actively involved, and we may see the technology having practical applications in these industries.

Outside of vehicles and smart devices around the home, the technology in this open-source OS could allow equipment like heart monitors to share their data with a mobile phone or computer. The user can also change where the data is going and how it works...