Companies are increasingly choosing 'open source' solutions

Phoebe Magdirila | CIO Magazine - India | August 7, 2012

Businesses, across all industries, yearn for highly reliable technologies to support their IT infrastructure. However, on the software side, high upfront costs, license limitations and support often become the barriers to implementation. Thus, free and flexible software have become the choice for an increasing number of companies, regardless of size.

To cite an example of its unwavering promise, enterprises can always look at Google and Red Hat as just two of the well known proponents of open source software.

...Google Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt. He cites that the entire open source community "has produced over 500,000 apps and grown into an entire industry."

..."What I would suggest to aspiring open source participants, is to espouse the value of the open source community which relies in openness, sharing and collaboration," advices Red Hat's Wong.

[Google's Schmidt] "Without openness, consumers lose the beauty of choice. Companies get complacent. Societies lose the dynamics that lead to innovation," he imparts. "Openness is here to stay."