Creating Innovation in Government: 3 Lessons from Todd Park

Pat Fiorenza | GovLoop | July 26, 2012

Todd Park closed out the opening sessions of the Next Generation of Government Summit, reviewing his fascinating path to government. Todd Park mentioned that the most amazing experience in his career has been working for the federal government. Todd Park’s presentation, as usual, was high energy, motivating and a great way to kick off Next Generation of Government 2012. Todd started off by providing lessons for driving change within government. The theme of the presentation was that change in government is possible, it’s a rewarding experience, and a necessary step to solve the complex challenges government faces.

Lesson 1: Team Up

Todd stated, “Whenever you have an idea, go find the three people who have had the same idea as you, years ago.” Todd advises that these people will have already thought through the idea, challenges, and will give you the opportunity to push your idea. Todd mentions that it is hard to find these people, and the way to find these people is to just network the old fashioned way. Start talking to people, and ask “Who are two people I should talk too,” Todd stated that he started doing this when he entered into government, and his network grew exponentially.

Lesson 2: Understand and Employ Principles of Lean Startup...