How SAP Embraced R.

Ajay Ohri | Jigsaw Academy | April 17, 2012

SAP is the latest enterprise software to join R’s bandwagon

SAP has joined the list of big companies embracing the R language. SAP has committed it’s latest products including the in-memory device HANA and the newly launched Business Objects Predictive Analytics  to be tightly integrated with the algorithms and statistical libraries available in R. Oracle has announced plans to make it’s own version of R called Oracle R Enterprise for better customization to analytics using Oracle databases. SAS Institute had made connectivity from SAS/IML and JMP products some time back. IBM ‘s acquired analytics software SPSS had been one of the first softwares to work with R.

SAP’s approach to R integration

SAP’s involvement with R has been different from other technology players. It has committed substantial technological resources to making it’s products compatible and in sync with R, while not marketing it with hype before the products were ready. SAP\s approach is two-pronged. With the SAP Business Objects Predictive Analytics suite, it ties in R’s strengths in statistics with visual interface to create insights and analytics with much more ease than stand alone software alone...