EMRs Gone in 60 Seconds

Lt. Col. William E. Geesey | Government Health IT | October 18, 2011

We set out to evaluate how well mobile hardware and accompanying apps would perform in a field environment and whether these were practical devices for medics to use when documenting patient care downrange. We used a prototype app, Patient, which was developed specifically for interfacing with the TCCC and MACE prototype apps. The two-day evaluation provided us the insights we need to make some adjustments.

The Android-based devices were pretty popular among the staff, but they did pose some difficulties for individuals who have larger fingertips. The Motorola XOOM tablet was definitely the favorite among the group because of the 10-inch touch screen, but its size and shape aren’t practical for a medic on the move.

Overall, the handheld devices themselves were well received, but the tablets in particular need some improvements. We had to break out the beach umbrella to compensate for the sun glare on the touch screens. Thankfully, upcoming versions of these devices will correct this environmental concern so we don’t have to arm every deployed medic with a beach umbrella, too...