5 of the most disruptive mobile health technologies today

Michelle McNickle | Government Health IT | October 6, 2011

Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business professor and author of the books Disrupting Class and The Innovator's Prescription, described disruptive technologies as "cheaper, simpler, smaller, and, frequently, more convenient to use." And when it comes to health IT, disruptive technologies are springing up left and right, allowing for less costly care and better communication. From telemedicine to point-of-care payments to medical tourism, disruptive technologies have revolutionized the industry.

According to Natalie Hodge, MD, author of the blog Healthergy.net and co-founder and CHO of Personal Medicine, the most recent and influential disruptive technologies can be found in something quite small -- your smartphone. "It's not about this company or that one," she said. "The most disruptive health IT innovations right now are mobile."...