Top tech experts from Google, Red Hat, Oracle sent to save ObamaCare website

Barnini Chakraborty | | October 31, 2013

An A-Team of tech experts is being brought in to help the Obama administration iron out the cyber wrinkles associated with the rocky roll out of the Affordable Care Act. Google, Red Hat and Oracle are loaning the government dozens of their top computer engineers, programmers and site developers to help the Obama administration fix the problem-plagued insurance exchange website.

“As part of the ‘Tech Surge,’ we’ve added key personnel from the government and private sector, including expert engineers and technology managers,” Julie Bataille, a spokeswoman for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, said. Among those rushing to the rescue is Michael Dickerson, a site reliability engineer from Google, and Greg Gershman, the innovation director for smartphone application maker Mobomo...

Open Health News' Take: 

Regarding the website, just more of a perfect example of governmental waste of tax payer dollars.  I would suggest withholding the original implementatin group's payment for botching the job as contract failure.  Now corporations supporting Linux and FOSS have to get involved to show it was just a debauchery of wasted tax dollars and morons potentially milking the system.  It is such a wonder why there was a US government shutdown with wasteful spending like this?

Crawford Rainwater, Blogger @ Open Health News and CEO & President, The Linux ETC Company