Open Source Health IT

Lori Mehen | | September 8, 2011

...These are just a couple of the reasons open source and open source software (OSS) in health care are getting more attention and recognition at important conferences.

OSCON offered its second health track in July 2011 with an impressive lineup featuring myriad efforts representing a host of other reasons open source is driving change. You can read about a session on the University of Chicago's report on open source in health care commissioned by Congress, as well as implementation projects by Roberts-Hoffman and presentations by The CONNECT Gateway and Direct project among many others.

Ohio LinuxFest 2011 is also featuring an expanded medical track this year, hoping to expand on all the ways open source and open source principles can transform the health system. Follow the medical track Friday to hear from noted authors, bloggers, and speakers, such as Susan Rose, Dan Paoletti, and's senior editor Ruth Suehle.